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Australian $1 Coin Collection Folder

Australian $1 Coin Collection Folder

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Australian $1 Coin Collection Folder

PLEASE NOTE: coins are not included.

The $1 coin was first introduced to Australia on the 14th of May 1984 and replaced the $1 note, an iconic moment in Australian history. Owning a collection showcasing the $1 coin is something to be proud of and this folder is the perfect way to display your collection.

The Australian $1 Coin Collection Folder is the ideal way to store and display your $1 coin collection that accommodates for every design change and commemorative $1 coin that circulated since 1984.

These commemorative $1 coins celebrate the events, anniversaries and people who have shaped Australia’s story and have a beautiful spot in the nation’s history, so having a labelled folder to house and display these coins is the way to tie your collection together and display Australian history.

Not only would this folder be a fantastic purchase for your own collection but a thoughtful gift for a collector pal or children.
This folder has labelled spaces for 31 coins and spare spaces for an additional 5 coins. Stores 36 coins in total!

Product dimensions and weight:

Length: 180 mm

Width: 15 mm

Height: 220 mm

Weight (empty folder): 139g

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