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Australian $2 Coin Collection Folder

Australian $2 Coin Collection Folder

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Australian $2 Coin Collection Folder

PLEASE NOTE: coins are not included

The $2 coin was first introduced in Australia on the 20th of June 1988,
where this incredible commemorative collection begins.

A collection with a span of 34 years is a collection of the ages and something new
collectors and collectors of many years are very proud of, to have a
folder to accommodate each design change and commemorative coin
circulating through the years will ensure your collection is well looked
after and easy to display.

With an effortless design that clearly labels each coin it makes locating
coins a breeze. Not only would this folder be a fantastic purchase for your own collection
but a thoughtful gift for a collector pal or children.

Australian $2 Coin Collection Folder has labelled spaces for 56 coins and spare spaces for an additional 4 coins. Stores 60 coins in total!

Product dimensions and weight:

Length: 180 mm

Width: 15 mm

Height: 220 mm

Weight (empty folder): 139g

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