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Australian $2 Coin Collection Supplementary Folder

Australian $2 Coin Collection Supplementary Folder

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Australian $2 Coin Collection Supplementary Folder:

Starting your new-found hobby and love of coins or just wanting to store your Australian $2 coins securely and stylishly?

Look no further, this coin collection supplementary folder effortlessly stores 60 coins, along with the design of NO labels means this is the perfect folder to store those duplicates or even triples of the Australian $2 coin.

Having a coin collection, you are proud of and have worked hard for is one thing, but being able to store them in these safe and affordable folders will bring your collection to the next level and give you peace of mind that all of your coins are well looked after.

Product dimensions and weight:

Length: 180 mm

Width:15 mm

Height: 220 mm

Weight (empty folder): 139g

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